Algae Bread

Seaweed and algae in bread. A Dutch company have developed ‘Meerbrood’, a bread containing 30% less sodium and sugars. The algae ingredient creates a fifth taste, umami, which literally means “tasty”. This algae bread is also free from lactose and e-numbers, hence I’ll definitely choose it when it’s available in a nearby bakery/store. Full article below from European Bakery Innovation Centre (EBIC).

Bread with Seaweed and Algae

“Experts are constantly looking for ways to solve the problem of food shortages in the world. The solution of this problem may live in the ocean. The award of ‘Bakkerswereld’, the Dutch Golden Innovation Ring, is awarded for a product that contains algae. Are you ready to eat seaweed or algae?

Research on seaweed
Different types of seaweed are a large part of the diet of people who live close to the ocean. Think especially about Asia and the United States. Especially the seaweed species ‘nori’ is popular in food products and is used in sushi. Seaweed is not only important for the nutritional value but also for its healing properties. The researchers at Teagasc Food Research Centre discovered a particular peptide (a structure of amino acids, which forms proteins) in “dulse” that can act as an inhibitor of renin, which could be used to take control of a high blood pressure and vascular diseases. Seaweed can also help in the fight against fat and overweight.

Seaweed used in bread products
These discoveries have led to the investigation of the effect of seaweed peptides and protein hydrolysates (an amino acid mixture by splitting a protein with an enzyme, acid or alkali) in bread products by researchers. An interesting fact about seaweed is that the protein content is dependent on the time at which the seaweed is collected. It has been proven that seaweed and algae are a source of proteins and that they can be used in the processing of food.

‘Meerbrood’ with algae
Lucas Vermeulen from Bakkertje Deeg which is located in Heusden has used algae as a natural flavour enhancer to produce ‘Meerbrood’, which is Dutch for ‘Morebread’. The bread is baked with algae that creates a fifth taste next to salt, sweet, sour and bitter and is called: umami, which literally means “tasty”. This ‘Meerbrood’ does not only contain 30% less salt and sugars, but is also free of lactose and e-numbers. The vitamins of the bread mix (A, B2, B6 and C) together are causing the release of energy from the food and a properly functioning  immune system.”




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