Algae Plastic

Algae plastic. Interesting to see the use of algae instead of petroleum to make the same chemical used for plastic bottles, tires, gloves etc etc.  Read the full article (Algae Industry Magazine) about ALGIX and algae plastic below.

Better smelling algae-based plastics at Pack Expo

“ALGIX, an aquatic
biomass technology company in partnership with Kimberly-Clark, developed the mechanisms to utilize algae waste from aquaculture and convert it into algae plastic
suitable for a variety of applications and end markets. Dordan’s relationship with ALGIX goes back to 2011 when the companies collaborated on thermoforming the first sample of algae
plastic, subsequently displayed at Pack Expo 2012 in Chicago. That sample consisted of 20% algae and 80% polypropene.

Over the past year ALGIX has been alleviating some of the barriers to algae cultivation, drying, grinding, and converting – and working to achieve an economically sustainable model for this technology on a commercial scale.

One major barrier was that the first generation algae plastic Dordan thermoformed looked and smelled like algae. In order to optimize its market penetration, Director of R&D Ryan Hunt has been concentrating on removing
odor from the material as well as experimenting with colors.

“The progress ALGIX and its subsidies have made in the last two years is remarkable,” said Dordan CEO Daniel Slavin. “Taking a persistent aquaculture waste problem like algae and
developing the processes whereby it is converted into a material suitable for thermoforming demonstrates continued innovations in material science and sustainability. We are happy to be
involved and are excited to show the first colored thermoformed sample of algae plastic at Pack Expo in Las Vegas.”





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