Seaweed Jam

Healthy jam made by seaweed and fruit! Vegan and as you can read in a previous post , seaweed has a lot of health benefits, such as cancer-fighting properties. Check out this Chilean algae plant Algueros de Navidad! Read the full article from Undercurrent News below!

Chilean algae plant invests in production increase, aiming to boost exports

The first Chilean algae processing plant meeting sanitary requirements to commercialize seaweed products has improved facilities recently with the aim to boost exports in the first six months of the year, Algueros de Navidad’s commercial director told Undercurrent News.

The plant, located in Navidad, within the Chilean region of El Chorrillo, received an investment of $180,000 to improve facilities of algae processing and meet sanitary requirements to commercialize products for human consumption under the brand Algueros de Navidad, mainly dry seaweed in bags of 80 grams and jam made of 50% seaweed and 50% fruit. Its primary product lines are seaweed and jam for human consumption.

Although the plant was inaugurated on Feb. 19 this year, the algae processing site has been already operative during 2013, with a processing capacity of 1.4 metric tons per day — an equivalent to 200 kilograms of dry algae. With the new investment, the plant’s production capacity will increase to 650kg of dry algae per day.

“The processing plant will be the first and only one to obtain certification to export products for human consumption made of algae in Chile,” Pablo Galilea, undersecretary of fisheries and aquaculture, said in the inauguration.

“This is very important, due to the potential of the industry and the high demand of these products in the Asian market,” Galilea said.

Even when Asia is an important market, the main goal within the first six months of the year is to boost exports in Canada, the US, Spain or even Germany, where exports are better valued, Algueros de Navidad’s commercial director Hugo Melendez told Undercurrent.

“We are in negotiations with a Canadian retailer of high end organic products with more than 2,000 stores,” Melendez said. “Each store could sell up to 200 bags of dry seaweed of 80gr, which means this would be an important deal.”

Melendez did not want to disclose the value of the deal; however he said one 80gr bag of seaweed is being sold at a price of $2 to Chilean retailers. For exports, this price would be higher due to additional costs of quality certifications.

So far, the plant, under the management of the Federation of Artisanal Fishermen from Navidad (FEPANAV), is commercializing within the domestic market, with the strategy of locating the brand under a national brand name, associated with fair trade, sustainability and high end product concepts.




Source: https://www.undercurrentnews.com/2014/02/21/chilean-algae-plant-invests-in-production-increase-aiming-to-boost-exports/


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