Vegan Marine Iguana

Vegan Lizard

Check out this vegan lizard that cruises around the water of Galapagos Islands to get some algae to eat. They are unique among modern lizards due to their ability to live and forage in the sea, and they can dive about 9m into the water in their search for algae.

The coolest algae eater you can never own

“Who wouldn’t want a prehistoric-looking sea dragon to mow down your algae? Well, you can’t have one. Though not quite dragon-esqe in size, marine iguanas still grow to 6 feet in length and are protected under local laws and CITES. We can always fantasize though.

The marine iguana is the world’s only marine lizard.  It cruises the waters around Galápagos Islands in search of algae to graze.  Seeing these reptiles swim with serpentine grace is an impressive sight to behold.  And just look at those monstrous claws that enable the iguanas to cling to rocks while it stuffs itself with algae!”








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