3D-Printing Of Seaweed

Great article in Liberty Voice about 3D-printing of new materials, such as seaweed, for medical implants devices.  Seaweeds are now being examined for its potential as a key-ingredient for medical devices, and it’s not only environmentally friendly, it’s cheap and effective as well. Seaweed refers to many different algae species, or aquatic plants lacking the familiar stems, leaves, and other vascular tissues of familiar terrestrial plants. While some species of algae may live as single celled organisms. Seaweed has been called a “super food” because it’s high in vitamins and minerals while low in cholesterol and saturated fat. One extract from brown seaweed, alginate, has been successfully used to help in the re-growth of injured teeth and bone tissue. Seaweed is not only producing useful products for 3D-printed medical implants devices, in addition seaweeds take up waste and excessive nutrients from aquaculture simultaneously as they create oxygen-rich environments (which provides a sheltered space for other marine life).

Read more: http://guardianlv.com/2014/05/seaweed-based-3d-printed-medical-implants/







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