Algae Against Obesity

This post is about seaweed from Alaska, plants that’s growing in waters where they have to withstand strong tides, cold temperatures, relentless summer daylight and abundance of plant-nibbling species. These plants have shown health benefits for people who eat the plants (North Carolina State University). Scientists have found extremely high levels of “bioactive phytochemicals” in species around the Alaska area. They tested 6 species of seaweed and 1 tidal plant, and all 7 species contained compound with potent antioxidant powers. For people who eat the algae, the plants could offer protection against conditions that are linked to oxidative-damaged cells, such like, diabetes, obesity and cardiovascular diseases. According to Mary Ann Lila, director of NC State’s Plants for Human Health Institute “The tested plants have antioxidant qualities far superior to commercially harvested vegetables and fruits. There’s nothing in the grocery store that can really compare to the levels that we’re seeing in the Alaska seaweed” 






Source: http://www.adn.com/2014/04/28/3446031/research-suggests-alaska-seaweed.html

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