Algae-Battery For Tesla

“Think of driving your car on a living battery that charges in seconds with a battery that costs almost nothing and is actually good for the environment.”

Adam Freeman from the research company (alGAS) has created a prototype of what he says could revolutionize battery power as we know it. And algae is the secret to this power. Freeman claims this type of battery could power Tesla, and do it 200X greater than the current lithium-based battery used today. And it doesn’t stay there, the implications for this go beyond cars, theoretically it could power your entire house. It also charges much faster than current batteries (the ones we have in cell phones, iPad, etc), it takes 11 seconds to charge, not minutes or hours, according to Freeman. The reason for this is paper-thin fibers in algae that provide a better surface for ions to get through.  The concept has been proven before by the French biochemist (Pierre Calleja), a project you can read more about here, but Freeman do it differently to previous prototypes. He uses a bio-safe polymer which is used as an element that binds the fibers together to create a better interaction with the electron charge.





Source: http://techcrunch.com/2014/05/30/this-algae-battery-could-power-a-tesla-with-200x-the-charge/

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