Bus Running On Algae

World’s first bus running on algae biofuels

The two Japanese companies Isuzu Motors Ltd and  Euglena Co signed an agreement in late June to jointly develop a new kind of biodiesel using algae, with a goal of fully establishing the technology by 2018. And next month, the two companies will begin to use this newly developed biofuel for a shuttle bus service connecting Isuzu’s Fujisawa plant and the nearest railway station, both in Kanagawa Prefecture, south of Tokyo.

“The bus is doing on 22 trips a day. We hope that in four years we will be able to create technology that allows the use of biofuels on 100% produced from green algae. Now its share is only 1%”, said a representative of the press-service of the company to Armenpress.

The two companies are aiming to develop a fuel fully made from Euglenophyceae by 2018. “We would like to create a fuel that uses not even a single drop of petroleum,” says the President of Euglena Mitsuru Izumo.










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