Seaweed Chips

“The seaweed takes just two weeks to grow and uses no fresh water, no pesticides and no land to grow. The product ended up being healthy and sustainable.”

Robert Mock was snacking on seaweed at a friend´s house when he said, “Someone should make a chip out of this.” And this someone turned out to be Mock himself together with 3 partners, who formed a company called New Frontier Foods. Last year the company released the Ocean´s Halo seaweed chips. The chips is non-GMO, gluten-free, and each serving contains 5 g proteins and 2.5 g fats. According to Mr. Mocks LinkedIn profile, Ocean´s Halo is proudly donating 2% of their profits to organizations that are fighting for the health of our oceans so that the next generation —and the next and the next — can enjoy the bounty and beauty they have to offer. Awesome to hit two birds with one stone!



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