Algae + Human Cells

In this article by Anja Lode et al., you can read how they’ve used microalgae for 3D plotting. In 3D plotting, highly viscous materials are dispensed to build up a 3D structure in a layer-to-layer fashion. The microalgae (in this case Chlamydomonas reinhardtii) were first mixed with a hydrogel paste and the plotted in a defined 3D structure, a process which the algal cells survive and show cell growth and photosynthetic activity.

One brilliant application they used this plotting technique for was to co-cultivate algae cells (producing O2) with human cells (consuming O2). For this, multichannel-plotting was used, and each channel contained either human cells or algae (mixed with the hydrogel material). In the final structure, human cells where very close to the algal cells but without being in direct contact, a feature that benefitted the growth of the human cells due to the direct oxygen supply.








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