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Algae Agar Bottle

Why produce water bottles of a material that takes up to 1,000 years to decompose when you can use biodegradable agar. A brilliant example of innovative package design! Check out this work by the Icelandic design student, Ari Jónsson from Iceland Academy of Art.

Even though an algae-based bottle will take some time to degrade, it’s still more sustainable then using oil based plastic. Not only due to decomposing time, just making the plastic bottles requires million of barrels of oil, and produces million of tons CO2, and according to this article, Americans throw away 35 billion plastic bottles every year.

To create a bottle, powdered agar is mixed with water. The resulting mixture has a jelly-liked consistency, and before it’s poured into a cold mold it needs to be heated. The mold is the swirled inside a container of ice water until the agar mix form a bottle. Put it a few minutes in a refrigerator before the bottle can be used.

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