Algae Trends is a website to communicate trends and news within the algae industry in a more basic and playful manner. The idea is to inform and educate about algae’s versatile market and potential more simply. Our aim is to display and focus more on optimistic and innovative solutions instead of just highlight all issues we are facing today.

Who we are:

Josefin holds a master’s degree in Biotech and is working on one in Chemical Engineering from KTH, Royal Institute of Technology. During her time as a student she’s been working in different fields of biotechnology (New York & Stockholm), and in chem. engineering projects (Stockholm & Los Angeles). For her Master Thesis she was working in Dr. B. Greg Mitchell’s lab at Scripps Institution of Oceanography, University of California San Diego.

Ivan is a graphic designer from Stockholm, Sweden. Studied graphic design and illustration at University of the Arts London. Ivan is currently freelancing in graphic design, brand identity and image-making.

We have a lot of ideas and projects in the making so stay tuned!