Shinzo Abe, Akira Ono

Decrease Radiopollution

This post is about how researchers from University of Tsukuba have investigated how 17 different algae and aquatic plants remove radioactive compounds as cesium, iodine and strontium. Among other things, they found out that one algal strain could eliminate up to 90% of cesium without any special treatment needed. Full article from Science Daily published below, […]

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The Unsung Architects

This post is about coralline algae which works as an effective reef “cement”. As the algae grow layer over layer over the porous reef, the coral reef grows stronger. This structure is important and depends on grazing fish to clean them from rapidly growing seaweed which threatens both the coralline algae and the coral. To […]

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Algae Plastic

Algae plastic. Interesting to see the use of algae instead of petroleum to make the same chemical used for plastic bottles, tires, gloves etc etc.  Read the full article (Algae Industry Magazine) about ALGIX and algae plastic below. Better smelling algae-based plastics at Pack Expo “ALGIX, an aquatic
biomass technology company in partnership with Kimberly-Clark, developed […]

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Algae Skin Care

This post is about marine products for skin care. A lot of brands are out there and I’m not aware of how many or how all of them work, or if they work. One brand, Algenist (available at Sephora), from the company Solazyme uses an active ingredient from algae with a powerful anti-aging benefits, Alguronic […]

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It’s A Small World

This photo is taken by Dr. Robert Berdan, and it’s a 400x magnification of a diatom with a darkfield technique. Click on the link for more stunning pictures Source:  

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Artistic Arrangements

Just some more amazing pics of diatoms in different arrangements, and it’s a fascinating blend of art and science from the California Academy of Sciences. Diatoms are a major group of algae, including about 100,000 different species. The California Academy of Sciences clarifies that these arrangements, despite being produced with scientific tools, are purely aesthetic, […]

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SABA Algae Project

I’m super stoked to see some funding for this Saudi Arabian biorefinery concept using algae, not only because developing innovative biorefinery concepts is what I’m doing for my thesis, it’s just a great step further for the whole algae industry. I published the whole article from Ecomena since I think it’s good reading about the […]

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CO2 Eating Algae Lamp

I love all these innovative ideas of using algae in all kind of applications. In this case, algae is used as street lamps, and I first heard about this concept from a TEDx talk by the French biochemist Pierre Calleja (which you can read more about here ). “The biolamp is filled with liquid algae on the […]

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TEDx Talk Food & Fuel

Watch this video to get a 13 mins introduction of the potential of algae in developing food and fuel .This TEDx talk is from June, 2013, and the research being conducted in the Mayfield lab is focused on molecular genetics in green algae, and on the production of therapeutic proteins and biofuel molecules using algae as […]

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Biofuel From Urine

Just read about this research being conducted at Wageningen University, it’s simply stunning! Using the urine as a nutrient source instead of waste, and then using the algal biomass for biofuels. I also like the idea of separating urine from faeces since it both saves water and enables to process the feaces more closely to […]

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